Riding is not only interesting but also brings much fun to your family. The 500 W Motor provides a strong driving force thus ensuring you can ride for a long distance without having to lighten. The Lithium Cell battery charges within less than eight hours and can store the charge for an extended period to allow you to reach your destination successfully. These folding bikes have a high configuration and LCD light that allows riding comfortably in any type of terrain.

The real and front brake disc is made with Aluminum frame thus making them relatively light and efficient. The bicycle handlebar height is approximate 1150 mm while that of the saddle to ground ranges from 840- 990 mm thus even your kid can comfortably ride this bike. For maximum stability, the center distance between the two wheels is 1185 mm although some negligible deviation exists. The bike can move at the maximum speed of 20 Mph although the Throttle type has the variable speed control panel that is about the Twist Throttle.

These racing bikes are designed with a streamlined shape for speed and distance. Additionally, race bikes have high-pressure tires, narrow shape and strong drop handlebars that are strong to ensure you are safe as you ride with high speed. However, it is important to note that distance efficiency and speed come at a reasonable price. Although these road bikes are not that good at withstanding dirt and rocky trails, they are equally durable as mountain bikes.

Serious riders who want to use their cycling bikes for exercise knows the importance of having a high-quality road bike. For instance, if riding along trails doesn’t scare you to get dirt getting a bike with sturdy tires and beefed suspensions. Road bikes are designed particularly for riding over rugged mountain terrain. Additionally, they have a durable and strong flame, low gears for climbing hills as well as upright handlebars for easier control.

The front suspension enables the beginner to easily ride even in dirt roads in mountainous regions, trails and even in paved trails comfortably. You will greatly benefit from a smooth and comfortable ride that isn’t too bulky or casual riding.

Designed particularly for beginners, kids and they are available in a range of sizes and models that are greatly styled. Kids’ bikes are perfectly sized according to the wheel size and the age of the kid. These bikes fond easily such that even minors can make adjustments of the height they are comfortable with. Since some are electric-powered and thus you can move for a long distance without pedaling very hard.

Pushbikes also known as balanced bikes are specifically designed for toddlers who are learning biking for the first time and therefore they have no pedals but rather the kid straddles the bike while steering the bike with the handlebars as they familiarize themselves with riding the bicycle. After your kid is confident enough on the training they can advance to bigger bikes with over 21 gears as they train themselves using handbrakes.

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