Banana is a wonder fruit. Most of us like it because of its sweet taste, contains plenty of great nutrients for healthy benefits, and once you have an empty stomach, it serves as quick filler. Several questions arise in mind of people about bananas, and how to ripen them fast. If your bananas don’t get ripe as expected or you try other methods, and they don’t workout, then here are some tips on how to ripen bananas quickly.
Bananas are produced in mature conditions when they are not ripe. Leaving a banana on a banana tree for it to ripe may take several few days than expected for it to ripen. However, if you are a bananas producer, you should harvest the fruit when it is still green in color for easy transportation and storage.

Here are some of the known tips on how to ripen bananas very fast;
You can place the bananas in a paper bag with an apple in it. Ethylene gas emitted from the apple gets trapped in the bag. With the help of that gas, the bundle of bananas will get ripened fast. The bag must be kept in a dry place with less of moisture and ensure to use only paper bags. Remember, a plastic bag will not help as it will not allow the emitted ethylene gas to circulate inside the bag. It takes almost 24 to 36 hrs for the banana to ripe properly. Feel free to eat them as you wish, otherwise keep them in a refrigerator so that the ripening will slow down. If you want to get a ready to eat banana with no time, the best method is to place the green bananas in a pre-heated oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The outer skin will, of course, turn black, but from the inside, it would be right to eat.
Now that you got the simplest and quickest way to ripen bananas, let’s try out its procedure:
The ingredients and materials you need are a container or a paper bag, the bundle of bananas of course and an apple.

1) Put both the apple and the banana in the paper bag or the container you are using and wait for a few days, check them time to time.
2) Check regularly to see how much riper they have become with time. If they are not ripe enough, leave them in the bag and check back later. But be careful for them not to over-ripen.
3) if they over-ripe without knowing, make smoothies with them or try using them for a banana pie.
Chemical methods can also be used to ripen bananas. In chemical method, bananas are kept in blocked rooms containing calcium carbide. Acetylene emitted throughout the room heats up which inturn leads to the ripening of the bananas. However, some methods like these should be avoided at homes because they are harmful and expensive. People should stick to the paper bag method because is the cheapest and recommended way to ripen bananas.