The decision on which type of bathroom sink to install is sometimes a tall order to some people. This is because there are so many types of sinks in the market. Additionally, the sinks are made of various materials which makes the choice complicated. However, the decision should be arrived at based on the bathroom size, style, and design.

Currently, vintage copper bathroom sinks are proving to be the commonest and frequently used material. Choose your bathroom sink among the following.

Wall Mount Sink

This is the commonest type of bathroom sinks. It works well with the bathroom which has limited square footage. They also fit very well for powder rooms. Since they occupy most space, medicine cabinets might be forced as part of what the sink serves.


This type of bathroom sink is also called a drop-in bathroom. These names are all derived from the way this bathroom is installed. It has a rim or lip that allows it to sink under a countertop. This is what makes it self-rimming. It is easily installed because the countertop is not interfered with. It is also easily adaptive to many bathroom styles.

Undermount Sink

Contrary to self-rimming sinks, under mount sinks install beneath the countertop. The surface of the counter is usually made of granite or marble. The only undoing bit of under mount sink is in its cost. It is a bit expensive. Additionally, poor installation may lead to a leak.

Pedestal Sink

This is a self-supporting sink whose hardware extends to the ground. The sink is self-supporting as it has its own leg with the whole drainage system installed in it. This sink is floor mounted. Due to space consumption, this bathroom sink works best powder rooms or bathrooms not frequently used. It is therefore advisable to install it in guests rooms.

Semi – Pedestal Sinks

That is a mixture of a wall mount and a pedestal sink. It resembles the pedestal sink only that the downward extension or the leg doesn’t reach the floor. The extension drops up to halfway and then attaches to the wall.

Vessel Sink

As the name suggests, this sink is made of a vessel in a basin form placed on top of a surface. The vessel may be of many forms such as stone, crystal, galas, marble, mosaic or ordinary bowls.

Vanity Sink

Vanity sinks are two in one component. On top of being a sink, it is also a cabinet or simply a table. This installation works best with spacious bathrooms. The top sink may be a self-rimming, under mount or even a vessel.

Console Sinks

This is closely related to vanity sinks but instead of cabinets, this sink has only legs. Different from pedestal sinks which have one leg, console sinks have two or four legs. It is highly mobile occupies comparatively less space.

The choice of the bathroom sink to install involves a myriad of things to consider. Space is a top thing to consider. Class in terms of style and size should also be taken into account. Consider the expertise of your installer to avoid leaks.