There are many reasons to own a hot tub. Some people enjoy the relaxation they feel from sitting inside of a hot tub. Others enjoy how the warmth of the water relieves tension and stress from their sore muscles. If you are considering purchasing a hot tub, you may have seen some inflatable models of hot tubs. What are the similarities and differences between an inflatable hot tub and a regular hot tub?

The first thing to consider is the price difference. Inflatable hot tubs are relatively inexpensive. Most of them are between $300 and $500, while other regular hot tubs are many thousands of dollars. The price difference mainly stems from the differences in materials and the functions of the hot tub.

An inflatable hot tub is typically made of a strong vinyl material which is inflated to create the tub. These inflated tubs usually hold around 250 gallons of water. In contrast, a regular hot tub is usually made of various materials, including an outer vinyl composite exterior and an acrylic shell on the interior. These types of materials are made to be strong and weather resistant for many years. Regular hot tubs usually hold at least 400 gallons of water, almost double what most inflatable hot tubs hold. Overall, inflatable hot tubs will be smaller than regular hot tubs.

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Even though inflatable hot tubs are smaller than regular hot tubs, they are more portable. Inflatable hot tubs can be placed almost anywhere in a homeowner’s yard. They are also relatively simple to disassemble and store away for a later time if needed. On the other hand, regular hot tubs can weigh hundreds of pounds and often require a strong deck or concrete slab to support the tub. Homeowner’s must think ahead about where they would place a regular hot tub; however, an inflatable hot tub would be great for someone with minimal space or for someone who would only need the hot tub temporarily.

Inflatable Hot TubAnother important consideration is the electrical requirements for a hot tub. Most inflatable hot tubs use a small water pump, which heats and circulates the water throughout the tub. These heated pump units are convenient because they can be plugged into almost any outlet outside of a home. This is because the pump is only heating the water and gently pushing the water through jets inside the inflated hot tub.

In contrast, a regular hot tub sometimes requires a 220 volt plugin, which is not standard in most exterior outlets. This means, the homeowner would have to hire an electrician to run a 220 volt outlet to where the hot tub will be plugged in at; however, a regular hot tub requires more power simply because its pumps and heaters are able to heat the water hotter than the inflatable models and also push the water out of the jets much faster, making the hot tub jets feel more powerful.

In conclusion, if you are on a tight budget and want to experience some benefits of a hot tub, then an inflatable hot tub may be your best choice. They are portable, easy to setup, and most of them heat the water above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and have some sort of water jets in them. If you have more money to spend and want the ultimate hot tub experience, then a regular hot tub is what you want to purchase. These tubs will heat the water well passed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and offer great therapeutic benefits from their powerful water jets.